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Man from UNCLE, Pi 1&2 (Elsewhere 17&18)

Title: Pi 1 and 2 (Elsewhere 17 and 18)
Author Svetlanacat4
Fandom Man from UNCLE
characters Illya/Napoleon
Word count 100+100


Napoleon felt bewildered. It was one of Illya's very rare, candid smiles. Candid and charming. And... incongruous. His friend was obviously unaware of ... Of what? His friend? ... Was he... Illya? Was he even ... real?

The stairs... The aberrant library... The damp well... This temple... All fictive - nightmarish - places, as fictive, as nightmarish as this blond man.


A hand leaned casually on his shoulder, a very real, a very familiar one. “Look at the pedestal, there is something ...”

Numbers neatly engraved. A code?

Like we had time to puzzle out a riddle...” Napoleon sighed.



3.14159... This is... pi.”

Que j'aime à faire apprendre un nombre utile aux Sages...” Illya whispered, pointing at the first row. “How I like to teach this number useful to the wise... It's a French poem used as a mnemonic technique to remember the first digits of pi.” The Russian chuckled and turned to Napoleon. “I love the English one, too... How I need a drink, alcoholic of course after the heavy lectures involving quantum mechanics. It's...”

Where are we, Illya?” Napoleon Solo crouched next to his partner. “ The hell with Hermes and pi... Tell me, now. What's this game?”

"It isn't a game.”

Tags: man from uncle:napoleon/illya

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