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Man from UNCLE, Welcome among the living 1&2

Title Welcome among the living 1 &2 (Elsewhere 26 & 27)
Author Svetlanacat4
Fandom Man from UNCLE
characters Illya/Napoleon
Word count 100 + 100

Rain clouds.

A paved street covered with puddles. Old building, crumbling walls...

He could have been strolling in Roma, Florence....


Those walls were facades, just a scenery. A Roman amphitheater stood beyond the archway. A Thrush satrapy set up in a film studio? Surely they would be nominated for the Worst Villains Award... To crown it all, his communicator didn't work and he couldn't make contact with his partner.

Napoleon Solo felt overwhelmed with various feelings. Relief, excitement, exhilaration... Because... this wasn't a delusion. This was a memory. A piece of the jigsaw, something he could cling to.



Blue eyes were considering him. For one second Napoleon tensed up as he experienced deja vu. But there wasn't any amusement in those eyes. Just relief, an expectant relief tinged with inquiring uncertainty. Then he noticed the drawn features, the rings under his friend's eyes.


The voice was unusually faltering but undeniably Illya's. Napoleon cracked a smile.

You look terrible...” His own voice sounded strange to him as if he hadn't heard it for long. Illya smiled back.

Who's to be blamed? Welcome among the living, tovarish.” He squeezed his hand. “None too soon...”

Napoleon stared  at the IV.

Tags: man from uncle:napoleon/illya

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