svetlanacat4 (svetlanacat4) wrote in slashtheimage,

Man from UNCLE, We've eah other (Elsewheer the end)

Title We've each other (Elsewhere, the end)
Author Svetlanacat4
Fandom Man from uNCLE
Characters: Illya/Napoleon
Word count 100+100

He ignored the rules and failed to ask for reinforcements!”, a very familiar voice harrumphed. “Then he managed to blast a Thrush nest and brought you back eventually. Nice to see you, Mr. Solo.”

Despite of the frown, Waverly's eyes were twinkling with both satisfaction and pride.

They probably enjoyed themselves adding an Uncle agent to the other guinea pigs.” He considered the two men. “The device is designed to throw people into a fictitious but realistic universe. They move, speak, have feelings... It drives you mad or turns you into an obedient puppet. Thrush could have caged the world...”

You stood all against the wall, a rank of blank faces. There were wires, like a spider web, connected to a computer and ...” Illya hesitated. “I had to get you out of this and I didn't have a clue what I could do... I unplugged the computer. I...”

You were with me, all the time.” Napoleon sat up, grabbing his friend's hand. “Wherever I came, you showed me the way. You deciphered the codes, you forced me to go on and, of course, you scolded me.”


They failed because... we're more than partners, Illya. We're part of each other”

Tags: man from uncle:napoleon/illya

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