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slashtheimage's Journal

Slash the Image - Visual Slash Prompts
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fortnightly visual prompt comm for multifandom slash drabbles and ficlets
1) This is a slash fanfic challenge community using images as prompts. Every two weeks, a new prompt will be posted on or around Wednesday evening. All previous prompts will remain open, so if you see anything you like on the prompt masterlist, get writing!
2) The images posted here were mostly found via images.google.com. You do not have to explain the thought processes involved in the transition from viewing the prompt image to producing your fic, but you are quite welcome to add a short note in your headers if you so desire. (Personally, I would love to read those notes!)
3) If you do not wish to add another comm to your flist, you can track the !prompt tag and have each new prompt delivered straight to your inbox.
   Also included in each new !prompt post will be links to any and all responses to the previous prompt, labelled by fandom/pairing tag.

4) Only posts made in response to challenges are allowed. Any other posts will be deleted.
5) All drabbles and ficlets must be slash-oriented (m/m, f/f, with threesomes and moresomes allowed).
6) All fandoms are welcome. No one gets left out!
7) If you post your fic in the comm, it must be placed behind a cut tag. If you post to your own journal, please provide all necessary headers and notes in the comm post along with the link.
8) RPS is acceptable provided that it is appropriately labeled.
9) No flames! Flamers will be banned from posting or commenting in the community.
10) Minimum wordcount is 100. There is no maximum.
11) You may post as many fics as you want within a single entry, but you have a maximum of three posts per week. (That's six posts per challenge!) If you've reached three posts and would like to post more rfics in one week, you're welcome to go back and edit your posts to include the extra fics. If you do this, a note to your faithfully tagging-as-she-finds-em-on-her-flist mod would be appreciated so I can go back and add any additionally required tags.
12) Pimping of other communities is decided on a case-by-case basis. Leave a comment on a modpost, or PM or email darkhavens. I'll get back to you as soon as I can.
13) If a prompt image belongs to you and you do not wish it to be used in this manner, please contact me and I will remove it immediately. No ownership or copyright is claimed or implied by the reproduction of images in this comm. All prompt images are hosted in my LJ gallery.
14) Feel free to contact darkhavens with any problems, questions, concerns or possible prompts, and have fun, fun, fun!

Headers must include the following information:
Prompt (and if you feel inspired to leave a line or two about how the image inspired your masterpiece, I'd love to see it here too.)

All posts will be tagged in the format 'fandom: char/char', with crossovers being found under 'x: fandom/fandom: char/char'.

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The Kinda Gay Awards

If you have a comm you would like to affiliate with slashtheimage, please comment here. Thank you. :)

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